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UPI (United Photographers International) is pleased to announce that, in support the development of young photographers, it will offer FREE membership to UPI for all photographers around the world until their 21st year.

UPI discounts in some international salons, access to highly skilled and qualified photographers for mentoring, training courses etc as well as the very popular UPI Photo Festivals.

President Manolis Metzakis said, “We have looked for ways of promoting and supporting young photographers for some time now. We belief that offering free membership of a truly international organization such as UPI, which is run by photographers for photographers, there will be benefits to the youth and we also expect the youth to influence the established photographic community, including UPI.”

There is a simple straightforward form available on the UPI website and UPI Facebook page. Proof of eligibility (under 21) is required.  See the website /application form for full details. www.upiphoto.eu


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UPI is a truly international photographic organisationwith UPI inspired and managed BY photographers and managed FOR photographers.

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